Meeting Minutes

OCTOBER School council meeting minutes

Date:    Oct 9, 2018

Time:   6 pm – 715 pm

Location:  ICS Meeting Room

Attending:  Papy Mukenge, Sandra Fisher, Lynne Desjardins, Krista Grubb, Krista Benninger, Lindsay Brigden, Jen Jacquot, Esther Dietrich, Becky Hunt, Sharyl Robertson, Michelle Henhoeffer, Anastasia Begon, Gemma McGeragle, Deb Meyer, Mandy Rhody

Regrets: Crystal Haase



1. Prayer

2. Welcome and Introductions – around the table

3. Christmas Dinner

4. Review of school council bylaws- what you need to know about school


5. Election of the 5 members of the executive

6. Principal’s report:

  1. Thank you card from teaching staff
  2. Classes that did not spend their school council given monies
  3. School Learning plan focus - Share school learning plan ideas
  4. EQAO results
  5. Kindergarten Registration night – October 23

    Board will host a couple of town halls in the communities

  7. Catholic School statement of Needs template
  8. CPIC meeting – Monday October 15

6. Other businesses?

7. Decide on Council meeting dates and times

8. Next meeting






Action item

Person resp

Due Date

Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner will be coming back to parent council to organize. The office helps with all the logistics and school council will organize the volunteers.

Need to consider safe food regulations when deciding on what to serve.

The council will continue to discuss details.



Safe Food Handling Course

Course was booked in the spring and will be held next week. Volunteers that assist with food prep (ie Tues lunch) ideally would have the training.

Ask Tamra to send out email to offer course.


Oct 12/18

Election of Executive

Reviewed School Council responsibilities Papy provided. Quorum is 9 members attending.

Interested individuals put forth their name for consideration. Voting occurred.

Chair: Michelle Henhoefer

Vice-Chair: Gemma McGeragle

Secretary: Becky Hunt

Treasurer: Mandy Rhody



Principal’s report

a) thank you card from the teachers was given to council.


b) some teachers did not spend all their money ($250) from parent council as they were waiting for innovation funding.


c) School Learning Plan focus – plan shared with council members. The plan is based on 4 pillars, then ICS focus on 1 or 2. Look at data and determine next steps.


d) EQAO – the focus will be on math after 2 years decrease in scores. Scores are 57% and 59%. Literacy skills are doing well.




e) Kindergarten registration. So far 36 students are registered. ICS is still open to more students.


f) Consultation Education ON. Papy showed the website to give feedback to the Provincial Government. The consultation process closes Dec 15/18. The Board will also be hosting Town Hall meetings for interested individuals.


g) Catholic School statement of Needs template given to Michelle.



CPIC meeting – Monday October 15. Looking for representatives to attend meeting in Hanover.


Papy reports it has been a positive start to the school year.




Numbers will be confirmed by end of week.



Information sharing







Review data to set training and learning plan. Use this information to refine teaching in the classrooms



Email reminder to be sent out – date is Oct 23



Email to be sent to ICS families with link for the website.




Form to be completed and forwarded to Superintendent.


Gemma to attend.
























































Oct 12/18




Oct 12/18










Oct 15/18


There was a question to clarify why half the proceeds are going to the grade 7 and 8’s. This is because they organize the fundraisers and their trip is more expensive then the other class trips. Historically only the grade 7/8 classes fundraised.

Information sharing



Fundraising Subcommittee

Subcommittee consists of: Esther, Jen, Krista, Lindsay, Anastasia and Michelle. Discussed Elmira poultry (EP) and Little Caesars (LC) booked for the spring already. Other ideas were discussed: quarter auction, urns, mission bizarre, box of cards, farm fresh.


Discussion about offering healthy options for families. Farm Fresh fundraiser does well and offers a balance. EP and LC are successful fundraisers.


Farm Fresh orders are due next week.

Subcommittee will meet Oct 18/18. Will provide report at next meeting.










Email out to ICS families about Farm Fresh. To set it up on School Cash Online.

Fundraising subcommittee












Nov 1/18












Oct 12/18

New Jerseys

The new jerseys look great. Suggestions to have the ICS logo printed on clothing and water bottles etc for the rest of the school as a potential fundraising idea.

Anastasia to look into local options and bring to fundraising committee.


Email to be sent to ICS families about local businesses who could print these items






Oct 18/18




Oct 12/18

Election Subcommittee

Election Subcommittee to be formed to do election process next school year for new council.

Consists of: Michelle and Becky.



Meeting Dates

Meetings will be held the first Thursday of the month from 6pm-7pm in the meeting room at ICS.

Next meeting is Nov 1/18


Nov 1/18

Police Check

Parents who volunteer at the school need a police check. There is a form to present to the police station to have the fee waved.

Question about using recent police check for other volunteer organizations.




Papy will check with the board if this is acceptable.








Nov 1/18

Christmas Concert

Teachers have not yet discussed the Concert in detail or set a date. Last year felt busy with the K-3 concert and grades 4-8 planning and participating in activities. Feedback from families was positive. There are fire code issues with attendance in the gym. Historically the concert has been done at the church but it must be advent based and parents’ feedback was they could not see their child/ren.

Teachers to determine the date and format. Update to be provided when available.


Nov 1/18


Parent Council donated a keyboard for the music room. The teachers and students are enjoying it. The old piano will be left in the gym for assemblies etc.

Information sharing




Meeting adjourned at 715pm.  Next meeting is Nov 1/18 at 6pm.  Fundraising Committee will meet Oct 18/18 in Walkerton. 

NOVEMBER School council meeting

Date:    November 1, 2018

Time:   6pm-720pm

Location:  ICS Meeting Room

Attending:  Papy Mukenge, Sandra Fisher, Krista Grubb, Krista Benninger, Lindsay Brigden, Jen Jacquot, Becky Hunt, Sharyl Robertson, Michelle Henhoeffer, Gemma McGeragle, Deb Meyer, Mandy Rhody, Crystal Haase

Regrets: Esther Dietrich, Lynne Desjardins, Anastasia Begon



1. Prayer

2. Principal Report

3. CPIC Meeting Summary

4. Fundraising Committee Report

5. Parent Council Goals and Money Allocation

6. Christmas Dinner Planning

7. Treasurer Report

8. Next meeting





Action item

Person resp

Due Date

Principal Report

  1. Christmas concert date: December 17: 6 pm: Concert followed by Carolling and activities.
  2. Instructional resources:

    New assessment tools implemented:

    • BAS (Benchmark assessment system), based on the Fountas and Pinnel. BAS is used to determine student’s independent and instructional reading levels, teachers are able to observe student reading behaviors one-on-one, engage in comprehension conversations that go beyond retelling, and make informed decisions that connect assessment to instruction. We are now using this in the primary classes, instead of the DRA. A French version is still being created
    • Pre-Reading assessment for Kindergarten
    • GB+ Continues to be used for French Immersion
    • Mathup, by Marion Small, is our new resource for teaching Math. By the end of the year, we hope to have all levels for grades 1-8. Currently Junior classes are using it.
    • The fundamentals of Mathematics – New government initiative, instead of the Renew Math Strategy. Teachers will be in-serviced on Nov. PD day, parents guide to go home
    • Lexia reading resource: Being implemented for grade 2 students
  3. School council money: Staff were asked to spend their monies by today, Nov. 01. We only have Music department that needs to spend the balance of their $2000 – 1, 170 used to buy the Piano.

    The music teacher will purchase Christmas music. We will hold on big purchases until we know our plans for classroom configurations next year.

  4. School apparel proposal: Teaches are suggesting to offer optional name and number on the t-shirts back, and on the sides of the hoodies.
  5. School council accounts - Mandy
  6. Budget meeting on Wednesday, October 31. Highlights:
    • Draft school improvement plan, and School spending plans (anticipations) to support the plan

      Teacher PD

      Guest speakers for students assemblies - resiliency

      Guest speakers for parents – A family night for resiliency

    • Going forward, All school council expenses must be reflected on the minutes and a vote has to be had


    • Food handling training: funds to come out of the Nutrition Program fund
  7. Future plans:
  8. Preps for an additional Classroom, with the increase in Kindergarten registration numbers (46 registrants)
  9. Facility department:
    • School needs a new roof, in 2020
    • Brick work will also need to be done
    • Green energy: Use of LED light bulbs
  10. IT department:
  • Teacher devices will be coming soon
  • Secretary devices to be delivered tomorrow Friday
  • Student devices: A cap has been set for each grade level, working toward reaching the cap
  • Investing in interactive projectors that will allow connection to multiple devices and wireless connections.
  • Looking into our telephone and Bell equipment for upgrades.


































See fundraising report. Option to be added at ordering

See Treasurer’s report










School Council expenses voted on and recorded in minutes

Training held over until 20109























































Secretary, Becky


Parent Council



CPIC Meeting Summary

Catholic Parent involvement committee – 3x/school year

Discussed PRO Grant as of meeting there was no information received from gov’t yet

Legalization of cannabis – geared towards high school students – public health information/resources provided

Provincial Consultation – will take information from online consult to create the survey for curriculum input

Nov 7/18 630pm Sacred Heart in Walkerton called Ask Us Anything. Any questions about catholic system, math, sex ed etc. Focus on cannabis

Some schools are having trouble getting parent council. Shared we have subcommittees as well.

CPIC – next meeting January 14/19 TBD location, May 21/19 – TBD location



Public Health information to be copied and made available to Council members/school community




Will need someone to attend











Michelle. Gemma



Dec 6/18

Fundraising Report

School Clothing with Joys. Tshirts, hoodies, hats and toques are available in 2 colours – black and grey to match the school logo. Option for name and number to be added to clothing.





Quarter Auction – date Nov 28/18. Doors open at 6pm, auction 7pm-8pm and doors close at 9pm.

12 vendor tables $25/table which includes admission for 4.

*Fire capacity is 240 people. We can sell 200 tickets.

Will use tables at the school if no others can be arranged. Vendors will bring their own tables.

Will need runners – grade 7/8 students. They will be able to sell drinks etc and keep profit for their year end trip. Vendor fee will be waived.





Fundscript – sale of gift cards. Complete one sheet per order to have company sort orders in envelopes. Can place all orders on one sheet if desired.


Colour Run – final fundraiser. Will book in Spring 2019 if possible. Would be to raise funds for a large project that is not yet determined. To start planning in January 2019.

Ask Joys to add this option if possible to the website


Information to be sent to parent’s Mon Nov 5/18


To ask church if tables could be used


Book tables - 3 of 12 tables are booked.


200 paddles will be numbered to monitor admission numbers. Additional paddles will be sold separately

Arrange 7/8 students for runners and concession stand

Order sheets will be sent home to parents



Look into cost, liability insurance, possible routes and BBQ at the school





Anastasia Tamra













Deb Meyers







Nov 5/18
























Jan 2019


Parent Council Goals and Money Allocation

Held over to next meeting

Held over


Dec 6/18

Christmas Dinner Planning

Date – Wednesday December 12/18. Use kitchen Dec 11/18 for prep.

Menu – pasta vs hot meal. Cost to rent Formosa Hall for one day for prep is $126.79. Discussion – too late to prep for hot meal. Motion for pasta – Deb Meyers Second Michelle Henhoeffer. Carried. Includes garlic bread and Cesar salad. Pasta dinner this year and will plan Christmas 2019 dinner in June 2019.

Father to say prayer

Santa to visit, hand out candy canes and cupcakes

Dinner is for students only. Need to find parent volunteers.




Inquire if Healthy Lunches Funding can be used for Christmas dinner. Otherwise, Parent Council will pay.




Email Amber re: sauce options for pasta lunch. Also gluten free pasta


Email Amber re: parents signed up to volunteer



Invite Father

Arrange for Santa and snacks




Email Amber to inquire

























Dec 6/18






Treasurer Report

Discussed Parent Council Budget. Balance Sheet was not available. Mandy will request information from Tamra and present at next meeting. Appears the account balance is $34,189.83, of which $2,026.22 are Parent Council dollars.


Parent Council to purchase clothing from Joy’s for prizes to be distributed throughout the year. Motion - $250 towards school apparel to be purchased through the current fundraiser - Motioned by Krista Grubb, Second Mandy. Carried.

Balance Sheet to be forwarded for minutes




Purchase 10 shirts and 5 baseball hats. Assorted sizes and colours.







Nov 10/18




Nov 15/18

Next meeting Dec 6/18

Motion to adjourn at 720pm - Jen.  Second Deb Meyer. 

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